Tuesday, 20 March 2018


This the lastest message i have had from project stork the first word it said was yes was a answer to my question is he WILD,many would say NO but we have to remember this bird travels hundreds of miles and substains itself in the wild BREEDS MIGRATES gets blown of course and first thing every one said was it rung must of escape from wildwood or wingham bird park not going to see that ,i am no expert but after these message to thro from sweden and reading and being told how there are breeded changes my mind 100%  but that only my view i let others make there own minds up.big thanks to project stock for the inside info and the data on this bird    message is below from petter                                                                                                 
yes ,he's a wild bird,even though born in captivity.
i'll surely keep an extra eye out for him and let you know,please keep in touch with sightings in the uk for us,since his nest is by one of our breeding faclilties i'm there several times a week and should see when he comes back.we have a very cold spring this year.there's still lots of snow and the temperature was 6 below zero last night.i haven't not seen any of the migrating storks yet,but i suspect them all to come soon as the weather gets better    petter
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