Sunday, 18 March 2018


White stork at beltinge all information has come from STORKPROJKET I SKANE this is conversation i had with them i hope you enjoyed it as much as i have and hope 1269 he gets back
that's very interesting!i can't recall that any of our storks has ever been seen in england,or even great britian before.ido beleive it's one of ours.i can't be completely sure from the picture however.were you able to read anything from them inscriptions on the big black ring ?do you have more pictures?if so could you please please send them to my lower the which is making it harder to zoom in on the rings thank you! petter Albinson The stork project

Thank you you !thats a big help.first of all SVS means that it is in fact a swedish bird.that's our country code,the colours of the rings doesn't fit the numbers looks like the color rings without inscriptions is black and green.if so are you sure about the numbers?could it for example be 1269 instead
great !Then i know him.he hatched at out biggest breeding enclosure in fulltofta,13.5540497,1049m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x465388a9f5f15dfb:0xbeeb7e9631cf1cc1!8m2!3d55.6331442!4d13.5562384?hl=sv  in may 2011 he was ringed on the 23rd of june and was transported to our enclosure in  THE LINKS ARE THE WRONG WAY AROUND hemmestorps,13.6111918,521m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x4653f3cc7045e045:0x6d07bb4ca276ce92!8m2!3d55.8810492!4d13.6133805?hl=sv   on the 12th of july to be released with 56 other storks.They were all released on the 28th of july.
He seems to stay in spain during the winter.we have reports there from 19th of february 2013,almagro,ciudad real 17th of december 2014 and 17th of january 2015 porcal madrid.from 2014 t0 2016 he nested on topo of the enclosure in hemmestorp with a much older female,784 last year he nestedwith a younger female 1735,at the same place.we had a really bad season last year with lots of cold,heavy rain and their chicks didn't survive unfortuneatly.
I'm crossing my fingers and hope that he come back here as soon as the weather is better and that he will have many healthy chicks this year.
thank yu very much for reporting this!
I hope as everyone else does that 1269 has a safe journery home and have many chicks to come homeward bound 

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