Wednesday, 13 January 2021


A new year off and running after spending most of last year fishing well since and stepping back from bird watching,i have got my enthusiasm back,i really lost my mojo when i came back from south africa spoilt rotten for birds,NEARLY 2YRS ON i got over it,so i went even got a new pair of binoculars well 2nd hand a big thanks to GIBBARD for finding them for me,so my first trip to the valley was after work yep i work in canterbury now on my home before anyone has a moan was really rewarding 2 cattle egrets 1 grt white, 2 ringtails 1 adult male which seems to roost near savis pool,and a dartford and barn owl

very pleased with these 10x42 TFL victory they are classed as mint which they are cannot fault them

but i will still be going fishing but not all the time 

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