Sunday, 3 January 2021


2021 off and running,after careful thought i decided on the 11 hour to not do stodmarsh/grove this year,as i now work in canterbury i just cannot just pop down there as a lot further to get there,i am going to stay local apart from when i go fishing on the fordwich complex,so that means a 5min drive up the road which is 1.6miles well within the goverement stay local,so new year day i was out at first light and ended the morning on 50 not a bad start 

the garden is ticking over nicely with red wings and blackcaps

the fishing front was quiet i went on the 24th.26th and today i was only able to catch 2 on the 24th only small jack pikes,on boxing day i made a rare trip to royal military canal armed with my go to lure,none of this dead bait stuff for me as i am really enjoying lure fishing not everyones cup of tea,i must of walked a mile of the canal without even a touch or follow then on the next cast i must of landed straight in front of the fish which took it straight away the next 10min was a battle with the heart pumping a good scrap with a nice large double figure pike which shook the lure out one nil to mr pike,being a bit hasty i cast again and manage to lose my lure gutted prat came to mind,that was ended of that,forward to today i went to fordwich which in many places was flooded and the was was like a milk coffee,very hard going met a few pike anglers who had not even had a bite let alone a fish,the joys of lure fishing was i am able to move freely and try different areas,after working my way up to the deeps wading in thigh high water, i soon had a jack pike out on the bank not the largest but a fish
the lure bigger then the fish 
this pike i caught on christmas eve yet again eyes bigger then its belly,hopefully  i can head of to the canal again this week and try my look

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