Saturday, 10 April 2021


 Wind that is the issue at moment coming from the north to cold and windy.few sunny weather days has bought a few sedge warblers and a few swallows,but two days this week we had a superb movement of over 400+ kittiwakes

with the long staying eider at castle coote and the ringtails have kept me still going out,the ringtail [f]gave me the run around the other evening as sat in the spot that it flys over,i watch it as it head towards me but carried on straight by so i made quick about turn and headed in the same direction,but the ringtail turned and flew over where i had be sitting lol lol

but yesterday with the wind dropped and coming from the west a few yellow wagtail appeared along with 2 start wheatear

on sunday i have got a meeting with KWT estate manager about castle coote and the reserve so watch this space,i have already signed up for the little tern program what else have i been roped into we see

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