Tuesday, 6 April 2021


 The frustrating walk is the long 2-3 mile walk to castle coote,most of time lately bugger all to be seen,it has even been flushed off by the dog walkers or the twats that walk all around the castle,as at the moment we have been sitting on north winds which screws us for anything that is moving from across the water from europe,after walking up to the castle twice friday and saturday for nothing,i walked up yesterday afternoon as the wind had clamed down a bit and the sun was out,when i reach there i had a quick scan of the horse sands noting a few seals and shelduck,then i spotted the male eider [which has been knocking about before the new year]sitting behind the seals as the tide was coming in i settled down behind the wall for two and half hours with a quick look now and again,then i spotted the eider flying towards the castle the next hour was just great watching him so close diving and feeding as many will say i filled my boots

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