Tuesday, 30 November 2021


 I am slowly inching  closer to hitting a 20lb pike out the stour,with saturday only yielded a single hit in blizzard conditions

not huge but still brings me up to 16 for november,sunday was just hard not a single run or follow until on the last swim a huge double figure pike hit my lure and nearly ripping the tail off,but some how missed the trebles and swam away gutted really gutted,with today a early finish from work i head back to the stour and worked all the swims with nothing,so had a quick chuck in the lake nothing,so i headed back along the river a different lure third cast in whack and a run it felt like a train when it hit the lure,game on i knew it was big and playing the fish against the current mad it even harder,i soon had the pike safely in the landing net and resting in the river before i took my photo and weigh her 

chuffed to bits my biggest ever pike to a lure,very wide and heavy a superb river pike tipping the scales at 15.14lb so close to 16,after pulling myself together i headed further up the stour and soon nailed another,number 18 for november
a huge learning curve this month working out what lure works and what is a waste of time,what weight to use and the best color,so far my 9and 12 and this all fell to the same weight and lure but only one to a change in color,i got one more color i want to try but mr postman from poland is a bit slow,happy piking never know the 20 might just be around the corner


Dylan Wrathall said...

Mark, that's a beautifully conditioned fish, exactly what a "wild" pike should look like. Well done - that twenty can't be too far away? - Dylan

Margaret Birding For Pleasure said...

WOW! Great catch.

Bernie Weight said...

Wow !! Mark some predator that! Well captured.