Friday, 3 December 2021


My first trip out,this month after finishing work at half two and heading over to my mum and dads in ash,and still with a couple of hours of light i stopped off at plucks gutter,with me being set up in minutes and on the bank in under ten and fishing,with the water being a bit coloured and weed and crap flowing down,i soon chucking my lure out,in a set pattern,i soon had a knock and then a grab and run i soon was playing a good size and was soon safely in my next
like a plonker i had left my scales in the car so a mid 14-15lb could be more never know,on close inspection off my lure a major part was missing the TAIL
that must of been the first knock,december of to superb start no1 of the month brings me up to 19 

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