Sunday, 21 November 2021


 Got my act together on my pike fishing,my lure fishing had been hit or miss,but at last found my problems and seems to be working,caught a jack on wednesday and some strange reason it took it upside and wedge the lure in it mouth,fish was return safely and unharmed

change of venue i headed off on to the stour,i never seem to do well on the river,but that soon changed on saturday i took a small jack out happy with that ,changed swims and took this medium size pike out not quite a double but over the moon

back again this morning same swim and i landed my biggest ever pike on lure 12.14lb,only had short session 2 hours went home with a huge smile 

it seemed it was a easy fix what i was doing wrong,my aim is to just get a 15-20lb on lure this season if i don't i will be pleased with anything 

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Dylan Wrathall said...

Congratulations Mark - a superbly marked "wild pike" - stick with it - Dylan